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PCMark 10 is the latest in our series of industry standard PC benchmarks.Updated for Windows 10 with new and improved workloads, PCMark 10 is also faster and easier to use.PCMark 10 features a comprehensive set of tests that cover the wide variety of tasks performed in the modern workplace.With express, extended, and custom run options to suit your needs, PCMark 10 is the complete PC benchmark for the modern office and an ideal choice for organizations that buy PCs in high volumes.

  • The industry standard PC performance benchmark for Windows 10.
  • Relevant tests which reflect the varied demands of modern work.
  • Accurate and impartial results, ideal for vendor-neutral procurement.
  • Created in cooperation with leading technology companies.

Easy to use

PCMark 10 is easy to install and run, no complicated configuration required.Run the main benchmark and you'll get a PCMark 10 score that you can use to compare systems.PCMark 10 measures overall system performance for modern office work using tests based on real-world apps and activities.There are Extended, Express, and Custom run options for exploring other aspects of performance if needed.

Fast and efficient

With its new and improved workloads, the main PCMark 10 benchmark takes less than half the time of the equivalent test in PCMark 8.

Just click run

In PCMark 10, you no longer have to choose between the Accelerated and Conventional benchmarking modes used in PCMark 8.

Multi-level reporting

Each benchmark run produces a high-level benchmark score, mid-level test group scores, and low-level workload scores.

New yet familiar

PCMark 10 shares the same style of user interface as 3DMark and VRMark.With its familiar layout, it's easy to start benchmarking with PCMark 10.

PCMark 10 基准测试

The complete benchmark for the modern office

PCMark 10 PCMark benchmark

PCMark 10 is the complete benchmark for the modern office.It is the ideal test for organizations that are evaluating PCs for a workforce with a range of performance needs.

The tests in this benchmark cover a wide range of activities from everyday productivity tasks to demanding work with digital media content.

  • Essentials
  • Productivity
  • Digital Content Creation

PCMark 10 Express

A shorter test focused on basic work tasks

PCMark 10 Office Work benchmark

PCMark 10 Express is a shorter benchmark that focuses on basic work tasks.It is a good choice when tendering for PCs for general office use.

The PCMark 10 Express benchmark focuses on the performance needs of a typical office worker.It is less demanding than the main PCMark 10 test.

  • Essentials
  • Productivity

PCMark 10 Extended

A longer test covering a wider range of activities

PCMark 10 Creative Work benchmark

PCMark 10 Extended is a longer benchmark that covers a wider range of activities.It provides organizations with a complete assessment of system performance beyond typical office work tasks.

PCMark 10 Extended expands the main PCMark 10 benchmark with demanding graphics and physics tests that focus on GPU and CPU performance.

  • Essentials
  • Productivity
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Gaming

Test groups

PCMark 10 uses a modular approach to build relevant benchmark tests around common end-user scenarios.A Test Group is a collection of workloads that share a common theme or purpose.There are four test groups in PCMark 10.


The Essentials group covers the common, everyday ways that people use a PC. The workloads include Web Browsing, Video Conferencing, and App Start-up time.


The Productivity test group measures system performance with everyday office applications.This test group includes the Spreadsheets and Writing workloads.

Digital Content Creation

This test group's workload reflect the demands of working with digital content and media.The tests include Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Rendering and Visualization.


The Gaming test group focuses on real-time graphics and physics.It includes two Graphics tests for GPU performance, a Physics test for CPU performance, and a Combined test.

PCMark 10 Windows 基准测试


PCMark 10 专业版本


  • 许可的企业和商用版本。
  • 容易安装和执行,无需复杂的配置。
  • 命令行自动化功能和脚本编写。
  • 使用离线结果选项为敏感结果保密。
  • 将结果导出为 XML 和 PDF 以便分析和报告。
  • 通过电子邮件和电话提供优先技术支持。

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PCMark 10 + 3DMark + VRMark
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The complete benchmarking bundle.


Easy automation with Testdriver®

PCMark 10 Professional Edition comes with a free trial license for Testdriver, our new benchmark automation suite.With Testdriver you don't have to be physically present at the PCs you are testing.You can remotely install and run PCMark 10 benchmarks on any PC on your network from one convenient browser-based console.Testdriver automatically collects and stores all your results in your own private database for easy analysis and reporting.With its powerful scheduling options, Testdriver makes it easy to benchmark hundreds, even thousands of PCs at a time.

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PCMark 10 Government License

PCMark 10 是适合希望寻求与供应商无关的解决方案的政府和其他公共机构的理想基准测试套件。It provides accurate, relevant, impartial, and practical benchmarks for specifying and comparing PC performance.




PCMark 10 Advanced Edition   

Practical PC benchmarking for the home.

  • Includes the PCMark 10, Express and Extended benchmarks.
  • Explore your system's limits with custom runs.
  • 深度硬件监控图。
  • Compare results side-by-side in the app.
  • 离线自动保存结果。
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PCMark 10 + 3DMark + VRMark  

The complete benchmarking bundle.

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PCMark 10 基本版本

Benchmark your Windows PC today.

  • Benchmark your PC with the main PCMark 10 test.
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System requirements

操作系统 Windows 7,64 位
处理器 Dual-core CPU
内存 4 GB 的系统内存
显卡 DirectX 11
显示屏 1920 × 1080
硬盘 6 GB 可用空间

PCMark 10 Express needs only 2 GB of system memory and a display with 1280 × 720 resolution.

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Steam is a popular digital platform for buying games and software.Steam 在 237 个国家提供 21 个不同的语言版本。

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