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Benchmark your Android smartphone and tablet with 3DMark, then compare its performance with almost 5,000 other devices on Android or iOS.

3DMark application has been completely redesigned to bring you more than a score.3DMark is built on data-driven stories that help you learn more about your smartphone and tablet.With its unique charts, lists, and rankings, 3DMark gives you unrivaled insights into the performance of your device.

3DMark 受到数百万用户、数百个硬件测评站点和多家世界领先的技术公司青睐。It's the industry standard benchmark for graphics performance measurement, a professional-grade tool available to home users for free.

  • Completely redesigned app gives you more than a score.
  • See how your scores compare with others from the same model or other devices.
  • See how the performance of your device changes with each Android OS update.
  • Rank and compare almost 5,000 Android devices in the app.
  • Compare scores from Android and iOS devices and see if it's time for an upgrade.
  • Measure GPU and CPU performance with Vulkan and OpenGL ES benchmarks.
  • Protected by rules for manufacturers, supported by a detailed guide.
  • 简单易用,无需技术经验。

从 Google Play 获取 3DMark 安卓基准测试应用程序 Download 3DMark Android benchmark apk


This app is for non-commercial use only.
企业用户请联系 sales@futuremark.com 获得许可。
Members of the press, please contact UL.BenchmarkPress@ul.com.

3DMark 提供更好的基准测试

Completely redesigned 3DMark app gives more than a score

More than a score

Designed around data-driven stories, 3DMark inlcudes unique charts, lists, and rankings, giving unrivaled insights into the performance of your device.

3DMark shows the recommended benchmark for your device


We've made it easy to find the right test for your device.When you open the app, 3DMark will recommend the best benchmark for your device.

在 3DMark 中独立安装和更新单个基准测试


3DMark 每年都会增加一些新测试。To save storage space and minimize download times, you can choose which tests you want to install.

Compare the latest Android and iOS devices in 3DMark application

Compare devices in the app

Choose your next phone the easy way.With performance data for 5,000 devices, you can search, filter and sort to compare Android and iOS devices.

Sling Shot

Cross-platform benchmark tests for the latest smartphones and tablets

3DMark Sling Shot 基准测试

Sling Shot

Use 3DMark Sling Shot benchmark test to compare mainstream Android devices with popular iPhone and iPad models.

Sling Shot is a demanding OpenGL ES 3.0 benchmark that tests the full range of API features including multiple render targets, instanced rendering, uniform buffers and transform feedback.测试还包括大面积照明、景深和光晕处理后效果。Sling Shot's Graphics tests are rendered at 1920 × 1080 then scaled to your device's display resolution.

您也可以使用不受限模式离屏运行测试,以对比 CPU 和 GPU。

Sling Shot Extreme

Use 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme to compare flagship Android smartphones and tablets with the latest iPhone and iPad models.

Sling Shot Extreme can now run using Vulkan or OpenGL ES 3.1 graphics API.In both cases, the rendering resolution is 2560 × 1440.It tests the full range of API features including multiple render targets, instanced rendering, uniform buffers and transform feedback.The test includes volumetric lighting, depth of field and additionally uses Compute Shaders for post-processing effects.

您也可以使用不受限模式离屏运行测试,以对比 CPU 和 GPU。


对比各个平台的分数时,请注意,测试结果同时反映硬件和软件。APIs with low overhead, such as Vulkan and Metal, can deliver more performance than OpenGL ES even when the devices have similar hardware.

尽管 Cloud Gate 和 Sling Shot 基准测试的外观类似,并且共享内容,但它们是两个独立的测试。从广义上讲,Sling Shot 测试比 Cloud Gate 更轻巧。不能将 Cloud Gate 在 Windows 上的分数与 Sling Shot 在移动设备上的分数对比。

Your device must have Android 5.0 or later and support OpenGL ES 3.0 to run Sling Shot and OpenGL ES 3.1 to run Sling Shot Extreme.

Ice Storm


安卓基准测试 苹果基准测试 Windows 基准测试
3DMark Ice Storm 基准测试

Ice Storm

Use 3DMark Ice Storm to compare basic Android smartphones and tablets with older iPhone and iPad models.Ice Storm 包括两项针对 GPU 性能的显卡测试和一项针对 CPU 性能的物理测试Ice Storm uses OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android and iOS.在 Windows 系统中,它使用 DirectX 11 功能第 9 级别。可对比各平台的分数。

Ice Storm Unlimited 是一款专门的“离屏”测试,用于对 CPU 和 GPU 进行芯片对比。

Ice Storm Extreme

使用 Ice Storm Extreme 对比运行 Android、iOS 和 Windows 的低成本智能手机和平板电脑。

Ice Storm Extreme 将渲染分辨率从 1280 × 720 提高到了 1920 × 1080,并且在显卡测试中采用更高质量的纹理和后期处理效果。

API 开销功能测试

Compare Vulkan and OpenGL ES APIs on your mobile device

3DMark API 开销功能测试

游戏每帧调用成千上万的绘图次数,但每次调用都会创建限制性能的 CPU 开销。开销更少的 API 能够处理更多的绘图调用次数,并产生更丰富的视觉效果。The 3DMark API Overhead feature test is an independent test for comparing the performance of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0. See how many draw calls your Android device can handle with each API before the frame rate drops below 30 FPS.

  • 对比最新的显卡 API
  • Test Vulkan
  • 测试 OpenGL ES 3.0

Sling Shot Extreme requirements

操作系统: 安卓 5.0
内存 1.5 GB 的系统内存
显卡 与 OpenGL ES 3.1 兼容
存储空间 203 MB app + tests

Sling Shot requirements

操作系统: 安卓 5.0
内存 1.0 GB 的系统内存
显卡 与 OpenGL ES 3.0 兼容
存储空间 203 MB app + tests

Ice Storm requirements

操作系统: 安卓 5.0
内存 1GB 的系统内存
显卡 与 OpenGL ES 2.0 兼容
存储空间 235 MB app + tests

API Overhead requirements

操作系统: Android 7.0 for Vulkan
Android 5.0 or later for OpenGL ES 3.0
内存 1 GB
设备 OpenGL ES 3.0 and/or Vulkan compatible
存储空间 113 MB for app + test

Install only the tests you need

Benchmark tests are downloaded and installed from within the app.3DMark recommends the best benchmark for your device.You can save storage space by installing only the tests you need.To install all tests requires 294 MB of free storage space.



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